February 13, 2022

9 days ago I tried to walk on air! I was just doing an ordinary chore, wiping off the top of the fridge, standing on a small step ladder, stepping back to step down to the bottom step and there I went! Landing on our tile floor on my bum, sliding into the dishwasher, denting the poor dishwasher door and setting off my Apple Watch ” we detect a hard fall…” Not my finest hour. I have a compound fracture at T11 on my spine and have badly bruised my back. This is preventing me from doing much of anything, I can’t stand or sit for very long, so I’m unable to be very creative and I’m so sad 😞.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and usually I have cards for my Grandkids completed and mailed, its not happening this year and it makes me sad😞 really 😢! So, for the next little future, I will be just dropping my thoughts.

I must say a big Thank You to my husband. He gets a lot of “atta boys” for taking such good care of me, doing stuff that really isn’t on his list but keeps all of our ducks in a row!
Enjoy your week this week and I’ll be back to chat soon.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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