Beware… the Ides of March

March 15, 2021

Today was a simple day. Crafting takes many forms. Here’s an inexpensive glass mat for water coloring and all mixed media.

Purchased a glass trivet at the Dollar Store. Cut 1 white paper and a piece of non skid shelf liner the same size or just a smidge smaller, removed the little nubs from the bottom and put the paper and then the shelf liner on the bumpy side of the glass with spray adhesive, then replaced the nubs on the bumpy side with E6000glue or whatever good adhesive you have handy. Turn it over and use the smooth side as your palate. It works well and is inexpensive.

Note to self: don’t use hot glue on this and expect it to come off easily! It won’t and I ended up using a razor blade to remove the, now cooled, hot glue. Next time I will use my silicone baking mat for that project!😂😂😂

Hope this gives you glass mat options. Enjoy!

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