In search of…

March 12, 2021

So, our world is changing. Everyone is search for somewhere to get the COVID-19. My sympathies go out to those that have issues using computers. It’s really been a challenge to help those that want a vaccine to find them. These people should be helped and the process should be much easier.

I spent days looking for a place to get the vaccine as I have underlying health issues, but, I’m not the correct age, or I wasn’t until today. I received a text saying I was eligible 2 hours after receiving my first injection. I bugged my Doctor, once a week and was continually told, don’t call us, we’ll call you. I can’t imagine what these people have had to go through or are going through.
I am so glad that, even though I had to drive 400 miles round trip and stay overnight , even though I was able to have a nice visit with my daughter, was given an appointment and yes, I showed up and got the 1st of 2 shots. I didn’t even have to have a bandaid! It wasn’t difficult and I didn’t cry. My arm is a little tender but I will deal with it!
A lady approached me as I was waiting my 15 minutes after receiving vaccine, she asked me why I was getting the vaccine. She went on to say that her mother(91 years young) was refusing the vaccination. I said, I’m getting it for you and for her and for my family to help keep everyone safe and maybe be able to overcome this virus. I hope she takes my comment back.
I lost family members in the Spainish flu pandemic and I don’t want my children and grandchildren to lose me. I hope this will help others to make up their minds. So, no crafts today, but my pandemic perspective. See you tomorrow with more crafty goodness.

Here is a picture of how much Mother Nature loves us:

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