Technique Tuesday

Acrylic Paint Pour

Small 4×6″ ready to paint canvas board or wrapped canvas

FSJ acrylic paint and White Acrylic Iredescent medium by Artist’s Loft

Flotrol, Flood brand or Liquitex pouring medium

Silicon Spray Lubricant


2 tablespoons paint

1 teaspoon- ish Flotrol

One squirt of Silicone Spray

Enough water to make it easy to pour( it needs to be like heavy cream.

Mix in a small plastic or glass jar. I use Empty, clean yogurt cups. Mix paint, Flotrol, silicone and water until creamy. It should resemble heavy cream with plastic spoons or popsicle sticks. If it seems too thick add more water a little at a time.

FSJ Whip Cream CardStock, cut into A2 Card fronts( 5 1/2 “x 4 1/4”)

Use plastic gloves so your hands don’t get icky and protect table surfaces with plastic or old newspapers. I use an old cookie sheet, rimmed to pour over. Make a stand to put canvas on so it is above the cookie sheet. Hold the canvas with paint cup over the cookie sheet and flip. Tilt the canvas to let paint run over the sides. Rest the dripping canvas on a cup and use cut pieces of card stock to pull card fronts. Have a place to put the drippy card fronts on to dry. They will curl initially but will dry flat. You must let them dry for at least 24 hours. I pulled card fronts from the paint that dropped onto the cookie sheet too. You can heat the canvas and the card fronts (quickly) with a heat gun or a small torch to make the cells pop out of the paint.

I also used these products:

Cricut Design Space: Snowy Tree #M3B80D in Fresh Forest Card Stock,

Candy Apple and Whip Cream Card Stock

Holiday Script Stamp Set and Die Set, SS-0383 and DI-0233

Black Licorice Ink pad

Gold embossing Powder

Lemon Grass and Candy Apple Confetti

Sparkle Element

Xyron Create a Sticker Machine, I ran the Tree through the Xyron on one side and then sprinkled the Confetti elements on the sticky side. To do this, run your Card Stock through the Xyron and then put confetti Elements on a paper plate and place the sticky side down on the elements.

When I finished with the pour on the canvas I sprinkled it with the Confetti Sparkle Elements for a mixed media project.

This is the completed card. When all projects are complete I will have 8 card fronts and 1 mixed media project. Not too bad for 1/2 hour of work.

Merry Christmas😘🎄

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