Fall is in the Air

Good Morning! It’s been a while as life sometimes gets in my creative way.  It’s very windy this morning so, I’m crafting.

I use all Fun Stampers Journey product.  You can see my site and order at:  www.funstampersjourney.com/SRogers16

Card Stock:

Lemon Drop- the Card Base  CS-0018

Oatmeal Cookie  CS-0023

Whip Cream  CS-0040

Ink:  Pinapple Smoothie  IP-0014

Oatmeal Cookie  IP-0011

Hazelnut Blend  IP-0012

Stamps:  Pumpkin Kisses – SS-0526


Gingham Tangarine Fusion  AC-0092

Journey Twine Natural-AC-0005

Sea Stones- Ac-0283

Journey Adheisive Runner AC-0081

Journey Dots. AC 0083

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