How to make Pretty Bows

I made my bow maker using a scrap piece of wood( I stole it from my husbands discard pile.) lol😇 Then I also borrowed( translation:to keep forever ) 2, 3inch long screws. I was working out of classification and drilled the holes with my husbands power drill,to fit the screws loosely, every inch apart, across the piece of wood. I adjust the screws depending on the size width of ribbon and the application( where it will be placed).

Now to tie a bow:  use a piece of ribbon that is 1 inch wide by  approximately 20 inches long.  Hold the ribbon on the right screw and wrap it around the front of the left screw and back behind  to come around the right screw. Bring that same end under the middle and back to the front using the end in right hand to tie it into bow. Remove from the screws and adjust it and cut the ends into a chevron . Taadaa! A pretty bow!

I hope this helps!

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